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The ghosts of the old park bench are no longer there but the memories still live on.

The last time I was there was September 1994 and the day after that I had the worst hangover in my life. Not this time.

Just to give you a quick time frame, The Park Bench was a hot spot in the late 80′s and early 90′s. You could hang with friends between classes, drink under age if you gave the bartender $2.00, eat hundreds of chicken wings and rock out with your….ah never mind. It was a fun place and it directly across from the Stony Brook Train station and The University.

From the early 90′s up until the last owner it was owned by a few characters.

At one point it was called Brew Moon Pizzeria and Bar. They renovated it and moved on. The next owner/sucker came in and word has it purchased it for $500K because it was a brick oven super-bar that was the biggest thing on L.I. ( or at least that is what they were told)

This went under most likely because SUNY students can use their meal card to purchase Domino’s Pizza (located next door to the Bench), Station Pizza and Brew ( located on the other side of the Bench) as well as pizza on campus. Great research guys!

After that there was Tutt’s. This was the brain child of the long time owner/scumbag of Port Jefferson’s biggest waste of premium space.The Village Way. This was an Egyptian themed restaurant with bad food and a lack of a liquor license. I was told by the owner of The Way that the day after they bought the restaurant/bar King Tutt came back after hours, stole all the plates and booze. Hmmm. Truth or lies? You decide.

After this folded in 3 months came Patty Buchanans. Shouldn’t you have an Irish guy involved when you open an Irish Bar? Well it really didn’t matter because this place lasted about as long as it takes to cook corned beef and cabbage. I hear that the owners were the guys who owned Merlot and Harley’s and Heffers. This place was pretty sad also. I took a real Irishman here and he was pissed off when his Shepperd’s Pie arrived. We decided to check out the bar. Johnnie Wallstreet was behind it. He didn’t know how to make any drinks but he opened up a Coor’s Light quite well. It wasn’t his fault that the beer was warm and the place had 2 people in it on a Sat night. He told us 3 times that he worked on Wall Street. I guess he was a loser in the markets as well.

My friend Steve and I decided to go for dinner and what a pleasant surprise it was. The decor was clean and airy and the staff was cordial and nice.

What we drank: A couple of martinis, Magic Hats and Brooklyn’s finest. Cold…and poured perfectly.

What we ate:

Nachos Mile High:

Piled high is a crisp mountain of chips smothered with chili, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapenos. A HUGE porion served on a turkey platter. Awesome…seriously good eats. For Dinner:

Seared Asian Sesame Tuna Salad $12.99

Seared sesame crusted tuna, cooked to perfection, and served atop a sweet pile of soba noodles, green onions, almonds, mandarin oranges, crisp iceberg salad and a sweet asian plum dressing.

This is perhaps one of the best bargains I have had. The portion of tuna was a wonderful. The quality was perfect. I consider myself a tuna snob, I eat it often and very rare. This was delicious and I have nothing but praise for the bench’s food.  The bench is back. A little cleaner, less illegal activites and much better food. 

The bench is back. A little cleaner, less illegal activites and much better food. Guys,,,check this place out. I am hard to please and this place did it. Propecia buy cheap style=”font-family: Peignot-Light;”>

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  1. Parkos says:

    I’ve got three words…mmm, mmm, mmm! Even my super picky 12yr old gobbled it up…mexican chicken from the bench.

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