Gabbagole! Where da’ Hells da Gabbagole?


I got your gabbagole right here!

It was crisp clear Saturday morning and we were Jersey bound for the 80th birthday of my awesome Aunt Theresa .

She has gone though a lot lately, including her success in victoriously kicking Cancer’s ass. I knew she would, and she looks great!

During our drive I was anxious to get there as it’s been too long since I’ve seen The Family.

It was at a nice Italian place in New Milford NJ called Sanzari’s. With a name like that you knew there had to be some good eats.

So, 25 min into our journey I was really eager to get there.

(A) Was it because my mom knows the directions better than the expensive GPS?

(B) Was it because my parents like to to start jiber jabbin at the most crucial point of the GPS lady telling me where to turn?

(C) Or perhaps it was because I had about a gallon of coffee right before I left?

As we arrived, we entered the nicely dark wood and floral appointed hallway and went into the room. All of the cousins were there awaiting for the big surprise to go off without a hitch. About 20 minutes later, my cousin Jeannine said “She’s coming but don’t yell surprise too loud……do it softly!” As to not surprise her too much. LOL!

As Aunt Theresa entered the room she looked surprised, I recall the look. I had the same look when I was in 8th grade upon hearing I didn’t make the lead role in Grease, the high school musical. Disbelieving and surprise.

After the kisses and awesome hugs we sat down to eat and ya know what was the first thing to appear at the table??

Gaggagole!!!! That’s right. I have been wanting to see the gabbagole for so long as I didn’t recall what the hell it was.

Tony Soprano said the word on every episode of the Sopranos, he ate it but I never really saw it as he ate so fast and evidently Carmella never bought enough of it.

A big white plate appeared on the table and I asked what was next to the provolone. I was told it was the Gabbagole.

“Oh, the Gabbagole”, I said. “Wait, that’s Hot Cappie. Cappicola. You said Gabbagole?”

The waiter explained, “Yeah, that’s what I said Gabbagole……it’s the same thing.”

“If it’s the same thing then why don’t you say hot cappie?” The waiter left in disgust of my Irish ignorance. I wouldn’t be surprised if he flicked his chin while cursing me while saying something like….“Ehh, pasta Fagiole jackass.”

I was now schooled and perhaps endoctrinated into the underground of Italian luncheon meats.

What ever way you want to pronounce it, the food was excellent. The calamari fritto  was crisp and tender, the Stuffed Mushrooms were savory and deliciously stuffed with sweet sausage and fennel and bread crumbs, and the Imported Provolone was sharp and tasty.

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The always classic, Pasta Bolognese

The ziti, cooked to perfection, was floating in a classic blanket of ground beef, pancetta, onions, celery, white wine and cream.

A las, the Italian cookie plate.  There was a nice array of Almond cookies, Pignoli, and my favorite, the Rainbow cookie or otherwise known as, the Venetian Cookie. Almond paste, raspberry jam and chocolate filling.

The house wine was flowing.

So, when you are in Jersey and close to the GWB or Farleigh Dickinson University, stop by Sanzari’s New Bridge Inn and say hello to Artie Bucco.


Happy Birthday Aunt Theresa. We love you!

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