Tom Schaudel Leaves The Jedediah Hawkin’s Inn in Jamesport, NY.

tom.jpg How Do You Spell Arrogance? Tom Schaudel.schaudel.jpg

If you haven’t heard, the executive chef of the Jedediah Hawkin’s House in Jamesport has left. What? You don’t know who Tom Schaudel is? Not surprising, not many people do. He is a self-proclaimed “Celebrity Chef”.

What size balls do you need to give yourself the title of celeb chef? I can see someone like the Keebler Elf, I mean Bobby Flay but T.S.?

After hearing so much good stuff about Jedediah I needed to go check it out for myself.

In the middle of bucolic seclusion you drive up to this beautifully restored 1863 Sea Captain’s house. As we walked in on this brutally cold winter evening we had to interrupt the hostess, who was sitting on the steps, to tell us we were here for our reservation. As we walked into the main dining room I felt like I was being summoned by the sirens of home-style cooking. The aromas were wonderful and immediately brought me back to a  simpler time at my parent’s home when I would come home after a long day of play, rush into the house and get ready for dinner. Baked pork chops and various roasting items filled the room. After being seated in a richly appointed dining room we felt as if we were dining at an old rich aunt’s house in New England.

Sparking clean plates, proper silverware settings, candles and thick luch drapes made the room very cozy and comfortable. Fourteen minutes later a busy bus boy flew by and turned our water glasses up and walked away. Five minutes later the waitress came by to take a drink order when she realized that we had a bottle of wine from the bar, then she just dissapeared like the apparitions some say haunt this place. A while later she came back at the same time the bus boy did. Wow, they are so busy and working so hard, the food must be great.

As the tired, non-polished diner, non-4 star waitress told us the specials, we mentally salivated in anticipation of a meal that was boasted by the local papers. As we looked around the dining room we noticed everyone had a nice interactive experience with their server except for us.

As our meals came out our forks dug right in. Chilean Sea Bass with roasted parsnip mash and root vegetables and Roasted Salmon.

The first bite of the Sea Bass tasted as if it was steamed. As did the 2nd and 3rd. I don’t remember asking for my sea bass with extra “Bland as hell” on it. It was cooked to perfection but lacked the taste I was looking for. I was looking for taste..anything but there was nothing. As for the roasted parsnips, they were very mushy and had a slight aroma of dirt. I know what roasted root vegetables and parsnips taste like and this was them but without any seasonings at all.

The salmon was so undercooked that it should have been served with chop sticks, ginger and wasabi. The flavor on the top crust was decent. A simple seasoning salt did the trick but still pretty mushy inside. And yes, I specified my desired wellness and I never uttered the words “Sashimi.”

We enjoyed our $4.00 cup of coffee but not as much as we enjoyed the ride home trying to see where we could find a pizzeria to fill our desire for fun and taste.

When asked for Splenda, “Flo” told us that the chef doesn’t believe in Splenda because of it’s artificial components. “What about the pink stuff, Equal that you have here? It has more chemical components than the Periodic Chart”, I said.

“The Executive Chef makes the decisions and has issues. I don’t know what to tell you.” … Flo

Schaudel is still active with A Mano in Mattituck, Cool Fish in Syosset and Gabrielle’s in Rockville Center.

I will give the Jedediah Hawkin’s Inn another chance, especially seeing that Tom Schaudel is gone.

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