All You Need is Love, Love Lane that is. Love Lane Kitchen Mattituck NY.

lovelanekitchen soup.

Comfort Food with a Twist.

After our outing at the Sherwood House Winery tasting room we decided to grab a bite to eat, but where?

Again, the pickings are slim because it’s winter on this island of long and 1/3 of the businesses are hibernating, but we knew that. We also knew that we wanted something healthy, hearty and within a 6 mile radius, as I had the fever for the flava of the pringles but junk food wasn’t the answer and more cow bell was not the answer either. As John Lennon sang in the awesome song from 1980, Mind Games, Love is the answer. Love Lane, that is.

Enter, The Love Lane Kitchen.

As we parked the truck we remembered how nice this place was. Upscale quality food, great mojo and a full bar. Also, no corkage fee if you bring your own Long Island wine.

As we were looking at the menu in the window we noticed a pair of eyes staring back at us. No it wasn’t who you would expect.

Was it the award winning Kelsey Grammer prescription drugs without prescription from the hit TV show Frasier? No

Was it NFL Hockey Goaley super star Billy Smith? No

Was it Carol or Paula from the 70′s cult classic tv show, The Magic Garden? No.

It was John and Gina from Condzella’s Farm in Wading River and the Farmer’s Market in Port Jefferson.

After we chatted it up, shot the shit and the breeze with J&G we were food bound.

The Specials Board is always full of creative daily yummies

We started with the Citrus Salad.

Mesclun greens, oranges, ruby red grapefruit and a lite vinaigerette made this salad a site for sore eyes when we were looking for something lite and healthy in a world of battered and fried comfort foods.

Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Panini

Freshly grilled eggplant, portobellos, basil and local goat cheese nestled inside this warm and toasty ciabatta sandwich. Crunchy, sweet, savory and filling. I took one half home and had it as a night time snack.

It’s still a yucky rainy day but my belly is full and my soul is warm.

On the ride home I listened to a comforting talk show on NPR, that just droned on in the background, as my lovely wife slept snuggled up in the leather seat and Benson ,the Super Lab ,quietly stared out the back window just waiting for another car to approach us. No such luck. I meandered around each turn, quietly enjoying the silence and peace as the snow flakes bounced on the windshield and quickly melted like cotton candy in your tongue.

Not a care in the world.

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