New Year’s Eve 2008 on Long Island. Where to Party…Where to Avoid.


Finally…this shitty year is going away. It’s New Year’s Eve and there are so many options on Long Island for where to eat. Who is going to give it to you straight? That’s right, A Man in the Kitchen will. The truth sometimes hurts.

I started doing research on many places but then decided that I could be doing it for weeks so I gave you a few reviews strictly East of Smithtown. Ok, I ran out of time but they are pretty informative. Here we go. Let’s cut to the chase.

THE WORST DEAL: Marios: Setauket NY: STAY AWAY: $150-Main dining room, open bar from 7:30-11, Shrimp cocktail, Calamari, Sea Bass, Eggplant Parm, Escarolle and Beans and Dessert. $150??? The ONLY Package available? Are you friggin kidding me? With tax and tip that comes to $200 beans. Holy $h*T! Hey Godfather…I mean Mr. Branchinelli…..Just because you have pumped Cialis buy loads of cash into into this restaurant doesn’t mean we want to take out a 2nd mortgage to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you. I will give it to you. You have a great chef, the place looks beautiful and the food was quite good but the New Year’s Eve dinner is way over priced. Ok, let me revise this. If you want to spend the money and will drink your ass off and demand nothing but top shelf liquor for 6 hours then go ahead. If you want 2 or 3 drinks, don’t go.

THE BEST DEAL: Handlebar Restaurant: $44.95 for the 9:30 and $39.95 for the 7:30 seating. Choice of appetizer, Soup, Entree: Broiled Tuna, Shrimp Delarusso, Surf and Turf, Baby Back Ribs, Prime Ribs….with sides, Champagne Toast, Noise Makers and Live Band. Not the crowd for you if you want to be seated with the fifty something jewish guys with wives 30 years their minor and yellow corvettes who think they are part of the mafia or the “Haughty Taughty” wanna be Gordon Gekkos. The Handlebar, with the help of Scottish celeb chef Gordon Ramsey, is the new L.I. “Gastro-pub” hot-spot to relax in a very friendly, we’ll give you the shirt off our backs kind of enviornment. This price doesn’t include drinks because the owners, Billy and Carolyn, rather see you get home alive then see you drink your way to a stupor. You can do that with a seperate tab.

Let’s check out a few of the others, shall we?

25 East American Bistro at Danford’s Inn and Marina
25 East Broadway in Port Jefferson; (631) 928-5200
$89 per person “This place has a new menu but still pumps out a generic, over priced buffet style of cooking.” Great views and a nice marble bar are not worth the price of admission.

The Inn and Spa at East Wind
5720 Route 25A in Wading River; (631) 929-6585
8 p.m. to 1 a.m. $110 per person. “Looks ok but generic wedding fare. I’d move on.”
Gurney’s Inn and Spa
Montauk, NY; (631) 668-2345. Sounds like a good deal but with an open bar all night, a live band and being miles from civilization you better be staying out here. $160 pp not including a room. Add another $450 or so for 2.  Food has always been mediocre at best. Ouch..that hurts.

Mirabelle Restaurant St. James, NY; (631) 544-5999. $115 for an attitude from Guy Reuge and his super snobby wife Maria will do their best to make you feel as inadequate as possible and give you portions that would make a true Frenchman want to go to the nearest fast food drive through immediately afterwards. They are also feeling the pinch of the crappy economy as well as the fact that people want to feel good after they leave a restaurant.

Pasta Pasta Port Jefferson, NY Just Regular Dinner. No “screw you” prices just the regular dinner prices. That’s nice. Good food and decent prices. This is where I will be dining this evening. A few drinks and then to a friend’s house to celebrate the new year. Check them out at  Just be aware that one of the owners is the hostess and is a complete bitch….but you only deal with her for a minute as she reluctantly seats you.

Happy New Year…God Bless and Be Safe.

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