Thanksgiving 2008. Cliff’s Notes Version.

Thanksgiving. A time for family, reflection, giving thanks to God and thinking about all of those purple Van Heusen shirts and discount rack candles we are sure to get just a short month away. But really it is about the here and now. It’s so easy to bitch and moan about who done you wrong and woe is me and why am I here.

I was recently at a wonderful bar/restaurant called Tara’s in Port Jefferson. The bartender was complaining that she had to get to work for a 7:45 am meeting that lasted 2 hours then she was off to go shopping. Some people would kill to be a teacher. Summers off while getting paid, vacations, you work 50% less than non-teachers and get paid for some reason after you retire. Now these people need to give thanks.

I went to Starbuck’s this morning and the 3 people in front of me didn’t Propecia buy say thanks or even Happy Thanksgiving! How rude. When it was my turn I appologized to her on behalf of the previous jerks and it seemed to make her day. You should never be too busy to be thankful and give thanks.

I woke up 6am, worked until 4 pm, Jammed as much food down my mouth as I could keep down, went back to work until 9, spent time with my dog, cat and wife. This is what I gave thanks for. The food was ok, it was the company that made the holiday.

It’s not about the turkey, the game, the beer..well quite often it is about the’s not about wearing the right shirt or getting the apple pie instead of the pumpkin. It’s about living in the moment, appreciating what and who you have and letting them know.

Life is busy, life is hard and scary but I am always thankful for God giving me my family.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

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