Sherwood House Vineyard Tasting Room Mattituck NY

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It was a cold slow Saturday in January. The excitement of the holidays was gone but the frigid winter air was rolling in.

My wife and I had the day off, which is an anomaly, and we really wanted to do something fun and relaxing. Living on Long Island we love to take advantage of all that this beautiful 118 mile  island offers, but in the dead of winter it can sometimes be a challenge.

Should we go to the mall? Nah, too many morons and pudgy housewives mulling the food court for free samples of chinese food like zombies circling around the only dude that hasn’t been infected by the flesh eating undead.

P.S. Cialis Online buy Ladies. Just because they make yoga pants in your size doesn’t mean you should wear them. Can you say, cottage cheese?

Should we go to the movies?  Nah, only chick flicks and 3-D cartoons and I don’t want to waste a sunny day inside.

Should be go to a sports bar and watch the game? My wife hates football and I can tell you more stats about the output of my new 6 burner oven than I can about football, so that would be  a waste of 2 stools.

To the Batmobile Robin……

My wife recalled an episode of The East End on Long Island’s over priced monopolistic Cablevision, featuring a showcase of this little pouring room of The Sherwood House Vineyard.  She recalled how cute and quaint it appeared so we popped Benson in the car and headed ou to Jamesport.

A short while later we pulled into the lot of this very unassuming winery tasting room. As we walked up the snowy path we smelled the fresh winter air along with the scents of multiple area fireplaces.  Once though the door we were surprised how comfy we felt as we walked the old wooden floor to the main tasting room which housed a wonderful fireplace and 2 soft, sleepy couches.

Before we even bellied up to the bar, we were greeted by the very nice bar tender, pourer……the girl who worked at the tasting room. She explained the flights to us and I immediately chose the merlot lovers flight.

Before each pour she told us what it was and gave us a brief liner note on each one, indicating that because of the owner’s French nationality, they were not going to have sweetness.

The merlots were all so individual and so different from the last. I wish that I had a pad and pencil so I could take notes because these were not your average merlots. Honestly, I am used to drinking some Long Island merlots that I don’t have to think about. They have little complexity and I treat them like I would a simple, table red. 

With the Sherwood House merlot ,I actually wanted to think about what I was ingesting, what was involved in the creation of it and what was swirling aound my tongue at the moment. Perhaps that’s why I call it a complex wine, as it makes you actually think. Amazing concept, eh? Think about what goes in our body and how it is actually prepared. We should do this in all aspects of our lives. We may actually appreciate things more.

Sherwood House was voted by Dan’s Papers as The Best of the Best in 2007 and 2008 as the North Fork’s Best Tasting Room. Not too shabby.

So if you are ready to try some Long Island wines that are reminiscent of the Bordeaux region of France, then get on out to the tasting room located north of Route 48 – on Elijah’s Lane in Mattituck, NY. Drive slow and don’t pass them.

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