New Year’s Eve 2010 A Man in the Kitchen Style


New Year’s Eve 2010 was a very special one this year. I like to think it is very special every year but this year seemed especially special. Is that even proper grammar? Any way, New year’s eve is always a time to celebrate with good friends and loved ones over good food and good drink and this year was just that.

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It was touch and go for a while there. People going, people canceling, people not calling back to confirm and one person selfishly playing a game as ….ah nevermind. Thanks for letting me vent.

This year was an interesting one. Good times, bad times, stress, craziness, tears, laughter, dreams made, too much drama, promises given, wishes granted and prayers answered.

Enough of the philosophical crap, on to the festivities.

We started at the Ultra Lounge Wine Bistro for fresh Long Island oysters with home made cocktail sauce, Shrimp cocktail, a nice selection of artisanal cheeses, crostini and some sweet ass wine.

After an hour of chillaxin at the Lounge, that’s what we call this swanky joint…well, actually that’s what I call it. My wife calls it the basement. Anyway, it’s a real nice basement, an apartment with a fireplace and a bar so there……

Again, after an hour we packed into T-Bone’s old man’s luxury Buick Century and  we were off to Miller Place for our celebration at Cafe Spiga.

We started the evening with a bottle of their house chianti, La Vendemmia. Bright, dry, mellow and lightly tannic.

90% Sangiovese grape and 10% Tuscan autochtonnal varietals. As I took the first sip I knew for sure that the grapes have been harvested in baskets by tiny handed immigrants. By the smoothness of the bouquet, one with a perfect nose for the grape, like myself, could tell that the fruit would be harvested only at the end of September – mid October and is a blend. A delicious and simple unassuming red that went down nicely. Ok, I got some of this info from the website.

This is part of the hungry group awaiting apps.

For starters we had their version of mozzarella en Carozza. This was definitely not the usual recipe. It was more just like fresh mozzarella balls, lightly breaded, fried and served with a delicious sweet marinara.

Next the Stuffed Artichoke arrived. Bread crumbs, parmasean cheese, garlic and pignoli nuts were floating in our head. Our expectations were high. We haven’t seen this on any menus in a while and we were looking forward to something awesome. Unfortunately, we were lt down, and not lightly.  There was no flavor. No joke, there was no flavor. I tasted the pasty breadcrumb and oil mixture but that was it. There was no center, just artichoke leave that had no flavor or stuffing on them as you pulled them out.

Shrimp Parm

My shrimp parm was lightly fried to perfection, crispy and topped with a delicious sweet marinara and fresh mozzarella. The side of angel hair was cooked perfectly.


Then there were 2 Pizettes. That’s fancy Italian for individule pizzas. 1 Margherita pizette with garlic  & 1 spinach that had fresh mozzarella, spinach and tomato.

Each pie was hearty, had an ample amount of sauce and just the right amount of delicious, salty fresh mozzarella.


Just when we thought we were done, the waitress asked those dreaded words. “Wanna see the dessert tray?”

The two that flew out at us were the Chocolate Covered Cannoli and the Red Velvet cake.

The  Cannoli

The cannoli was filled with fresh creamy cannolli filling, the shell was crispy and crunchy and was covered in a thick milk chocolate. Dammmmmmn good.

Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet was good but it wasn’t your typical red velvet cake. The cake was moist but instead of a creamy frosting on top it was topped with cheese cake. Very good but not what I expected.

The Chef Celebrates

At the end of the night the chef came out to wish his family and all of us a happy new year, Felice Anno Nuovo!

Thank you for a wonderful night and a great meal.

A final word from T-bone, our talkative friend and designated driver.

I wish you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.     “Are you gonna eat the rest of that cake?”

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