Cooking: A Labor of Love

Are you or do you know someone who is aspiring to be the next punk ass millionaire celeb chef, ala Bobby “I’ll put my name on rat poision if it will sell” Flay, Bad Boy Brat Rocco DiSpirito or the classiest chef in the kitchen, Mr. Jaques Pepin?

Whatever your reasons for being a cook/chef people will taste it the food you prepare. Let me explain. You can have the newbie that has a pasison for cooking and food behind the grill at T.G.I. Friday’s alongside the stoner who dropped out of high school and just needed a minimum wage job and Spencer’s Gifts wasn’t hiring. If you were to put both plates side by side you would not only see the difference but taste the difference.

Stop. I know what you are about to say. “All of the food at everyone of their locations must taste the same. They must be consistent. The same meal in N.Y.C. has to be the same as the meal in Santa Fe.

NOT TRUE! The same ingredients yes but the “newbie” foodie will show careful placement and presentation with the garnish, the way the food is neatly plated, cooked to perfection, e.t.c. He/she won’t let the plate leave the kitchen without his/her approval. In their mind why should your dining experience be any different than that of a fine dining establishment?

Ths is what seperates an uncaring line cook from a chef in training and true gourmand at heart. We all know that it must be hard to get excited over $6.25/hourĀ  so it must be a combination of influence, passion and desire.

Next time you go out to eat just take a moment andĀ think about this.

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