Christmas Dinner. Cheap Pizza, Bud Light and Advil.


Never in a million years would I think that I would be eating Papa John’s Pizza…… never the less eating this shit on Christmas Night, but I am.

Let me just start out by saying Merry Christmas all! Now off to the crap.

It all started when I screwed up my leg at my mother in laws house while passing out gifts. Somehow, I reinstated an old injury while twisting to pass out a gift, then all of a sudden my sister in-law was feeding me a wicked strond Cape Codder to ease the pain. The thougth was great but it just made me more anxious. Out of desperation, as I couldn’t even bend my knee, I called my very good friend, the local world reknowned accupuncturist, HC Harrington Buy Generic Drugs Without Prescription of Port Jefferson. Quicker than Santa could say Ho Ho Ho , C.H. said he would drop everything and meet me at his office. As my wonderful wife drove me, I was assisted in by the good doctor himself.

Did I mention that is was Christmas Day and he left his dinner party to come to my assistance ?

After an hour and a half of stretching, electro stimulus, needling, jokes and a 6 six pack I was 80 % better but still needed  a cane to hobble on. I mean I was bad. Imagine sitting indian style, then getting up but you leg doesn’t want to do down. Weird, right?

Right now, as I await the oil burner repair man to come for the 2nd time tonight , I am painfully stretching my leg and waiting for Papa John’s to deliver to this  depressed soul.

I’m on my couch amidst the glow of the Christmas tree, my awesome dog and cats, my mom calling me telling me how much she loves & misses us and my lovely wife texting me that she is almost home, as I watch Elf on tv.

Hungry, cold and with time to reflect. Actually, it’s not that bad after all.

The pain in my knee will go away, the house will get warm, my lovely wife will be home any second.

Heck, it’s not such  a bad Christmas after all.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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