Sound Beach, N.Y. Pizzeria..Pizzeria..Deli…Deli..Oh..another Pizzeria…Chinese Food..No, that’s a Pizzeria…OH 2 NEW RESTAURANTS!!

The quiet blue-collar town of Sound Beach in Suffolk County, N.Y. isn’t really known for anything that shouts out. George Washington never slept here, there aren’t any celebs that call this place home, it’s out east but you won’t mistake it for The Hampton’s, but it is the home to two new restaurants.

The Mesquite Texas Grilll

Located at 291 Echo Ave, The Mesquite Tex Mex Grill serves up an excellent variety of Tex Mex foods sure to please. This simple strip mall eatery has the feel of a small town southern grill off the beaten path. Actually, this is what it really is.

Young ownership has the passion to succeed in a town that isn’t always open to newcomers.

Noted Dishes Include:

Dead Broke Burrito. This is not your ordinary, triple re-fried Taco Hell style belly buster but a delicious blend of seasoned black beans, rice, cheddar and jack cheeses, tomato salsa and spices. Weighing in at about 1/2 lb, it is a healthy endulgence for only $3.50.

Soft Taco. A simple warm corn tortilla with roasted veggies, chicken, pork, steak, ground beef or chili. We had the veggie taco and the shrimp mojito soft taco. Roasted peppers, homeade guacamole and sour cream made this a delicious treat that made us go back for more. 1, because it was quite delicious, 2, because it was kind of skimpy in the seafood department and we thought that the next might be a little more generous. No such luck, but overall it was quite good.

Check out their daily blackboard specials and don’t forget to take home a half pint of their signature hot sauce.

There are only 2 booths and a few stools in this tiny eatery so come early or take it to go and head out to the beach. The only negative comments I have is that they need to add a little more substance to the soft tacos, have more beverage selections, go for a beer license and don’t let the staff smoke in the doorway of the building. It kind of changes the vibe and makes it hard to breath and enjoy your meal. Most likely an isolated incident.

George’s Kitchen

This is not your average North Shore diner but a culinary secret tucked away for those lucky enough to call it their own.

Located at 175 Sound Beach Blvd, George’s serves up what appears to be the usual diner fundamentals but with a major difference. The food is excellent. As you step inside you are cheerfully greeted with a smile and if it’s dinner time.. a complimentary appetizer. Usually baked clams..the best baked clams you have ever had. No joke kids! You will get hooked..addicted…dream about them..need to have them…and then you’ll have to have an intervention to stop eating baked clams..but it won’t work. These baked clams are just that damn good!

Instead of diner grease you take in the aromas and memories of mom cooking bacon on a Sunday morning or a pile of chicken cutlets or even the sizzle of a delicious charbroiled burger that Propecia pill whithout prescription would put dad’s hockey puck burgers to shame.

For breakfast the pancakes are oversized, light and fluffy and taste as sweet as they smell. Smothered with butter and syrup and all you need is unlimited coffee and you are in Heaven. French Toast Flambe was deliciously stuffed with cream cheese and piled high with real strawberries, blueberries and bananas. If egg sandwiches are more your style, for only $2.50 you get the best egg and cheese and a bunch of tasty homefries. $2.50..Are you kidding me?

If you really want to see the culinary experts at work come for the dinner specials. With dinner specials like Broiled Stuffed lobster with REAL crab and lobster stuffing, Local Mussells, Porterhouse Steak, Pasta Fra Diavolo with real lobster meat, Bratwurst, Long Island Flounder, Pasta Specials and pretty much anything you would like. Yes dad..they actually have liver and onions and it’s only $10.95 with soup and salad.

If you like paying too much money for generic crap food and bad service then go see Flo from Staten Island at any other Long Island diner. If you want a happy enviornment with cheap prices and truly delicious food then come to George’s Kitchen anytime from 6 am to 9pm.

Tell them you heard about them from A Man in the Kitchen and you will get UNLIMITED FREE soda and coffee refills!

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