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Traditional Irish Lamb Stew

Traditional Irish Lamb Stew is a huge tradition, not only on St. Pat’s Day but throughout the year. Here is a crazy simple recipe that I know you will love. Now get going……

St Patrick’s Day is for Drinking and Eating…

So let’s get started. Today I am giving you a tradition drink recipe for Irish Coffee. Enjoy! 1 Cup hot coffee 1 1/2 oz. Irish Mist liqueur 3 sugar cubes whipped cream for garnish This recipe Makes 1 Drink To make this recipe right, the whiskey has to be heated to a pretty high temperature, [...]

Wendy’s Fish Sandwich. Not My Favorite Choice for Lent.

Ok, it’s week 3 of Lent and as the good Catholic that I am, I am abstaining from meat, chicken and pork…so fish it is. Note to self….Give up fast food fish for Lent as well as chocolate. I’ll thank myself later.