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Thanksgiving. What it Really Means.


Ahhh, Thanksgiving. For some it means a day off, watching the parade, drinking a few beers watching the football game or perhaps raking leaves until the dinner bell is rung. For others it means running around to 7-11 for that last minute ingredient, a stressful morning, awaiting for your dysfunctional family dinner to begin, being [...]

No More Twinkies.

RIP Twinkies

No More Twinkies??? Seriously??? WTF? This must be some kind of joke, but they say it’s not. First we get slammed from Hurricane Sandy….. Then we lose electricity and heat……. Then it snows 8 inches…… What the F*&% is happening to the world?  What about my favorite childhood treats?  What will my baby eat? What [...]

Long Island Restaurant Week Extended thanks to that Bitch Sandy.


Hey Guys, I don’t know if you heard the good news, but Long Island Restaurant week has been extended!! This came directly from our friends over at The Long Island Restaurant News. As we all know…or 9 out of 10 of us do…life on the Island has become a little harder lately turning some of [...]