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Carnivals, Fairs and Dangerously Delicious Foods.


There’s nothing like a carnival. The sounds of the carnies alluring you to their booths so that you can possibly win an unattainable prize, the sites of the roller coasters and children’s smiles, lighting up the area brighter than a spot light and the smells of the delicious array of fried goodies just waiting to [...]

86th Annual San Gennaro Festival N.Y.C.

No festival, party or event can epitomize the end of Summer like San Gennaro can. In my non-humble opinion, it is the best festival all year, every year and MUST be experienced in New York City, to know why.

9/11 Memories that Will Never Be Forgotten.

Today’s blog post is not about’s about respect and honor. It was a cool Tuesday September morning as I arrived at work some 45 miles east of Manhattan. I was still invigorated by my NYC meeting just a week before when I stayed at the Wall Street Marriot…just minutes from the terror attacks. I [...]