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Mundane Monday Foodie Videos 7/30/2012

Chef Thug and Chuck Love make up a delicious Chicken with White Wine Cream Sauce. Hope you have a marvelous Monday!

Mundane Monday Videos 7/23/2012

Martin Yan, from Yan Can Cook is a friggin Perve! Don’t believe me that this sweet, old PBS chef has a naugty side…then check this out.

Tara Inn- Port Jefferson, NY A.K.A. My Happy Place.


On Main Street in Port Jefferson NY, you will find the closest thing to ‘Cheers’ in a 250 mile radius . The place is the Tara Inn, affectionately known as Tara’s. Since 1977, the Higgin’s family has brought happiness, relaxation, fun, great drinks and awesome food to the village. From the moment you step on [...]