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Family Dinners, a Thing of the Past? Not if I Can Help it.


Life get’s hectic, life get’s busy and life get’s stressful, but when you have a family…you need to nurture and develop it every moment you can and what better way than at the dinner table. Read on as I share with you my insights on keeping the family dinner alive and well while being a [...]

Mundane Monday Foodie Videos 6/25/2012

You’ll either get a kick out of this video or seriously want to kick the crap out of these weirdos…but don’t take my word for it. Check it out and have a barf bag ready.

Mundane Monday Foodie Videos 6/18/2012

Seeing that Monday’s usually suck I wanted to do somehting a little fun and creative to make you spend less time working and more time laughing and on Every Monday I will be posting the silliest food related videos I can find…..and you can email your favorites too for a chance to win kudos! [...]