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Gabbagole! Where da’ Hells da Gabbagole?


I got your gabbagole right here! It was crisp clear Saturday morning and we were Jersey bound for the 80th birthday of my awesome Aunt Theresa . She has gone though a lot lately, including her success in victoriously kicking Cancer’s ass. I knew she would, and she looks great!

Great Food, Great Wine, Great Friends. The Equation for an Awesome Birthday Dinner.


    On a cold Saturday in January,we were excited to be celebrating our friend’s birthday. Holly was turing @#, that’s right, she was one day away from being the @#,  but age is just a number. It’s how you feel inside that counts, so happy @# Holly!

All You Need is Love, Love Lane that is. Love Lane Kitchen Mattituck NY.

lovelanekitchen soup.

Comfort Food with a Twist. After our outing at the Sherwood House Winery tasting room we decided to grab a bite to eat, but where? Again, the pickings are slim because it’s winter on this island of long and 1/3 of the businesses are hibernating, but we knew that. We also knew that we wanted [...]