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Christmas Dinner. Cheap Pizza, Bud Light and Advil.


Never in a million years would I think that I would be eating Papa John’s Pizza…… never the less eating this shit on Christmas Night, but I am. Let me just start out by saying Merry Christmas all! Now off to the crap. It all started when I screwed up my leg at my mother [...]

Starbucks Christmas Eve


6 am on a dark winters Buy Viagra Online Without Prescription morning Dec 24th. As I sit comfortably and peer through the condensation rich window, I sip my coffee and think, WTF am I doing up at 6 am on Christmas Eve when I have to work in 4 hours? The romantacism of getting in [...]

This Just In. Russell from Top Chef Voted World’s Biggest Asshole

Dateline Dec 15, 2010 10 PM NYC That’s right folks, the votes all came back and the public voted Russell Kook as the world’s biggest asshole.