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Oktoberfest on Long Island and My First Baking Contest.

The big day was Oct 24, 2010. The weather was slated be wonderful, the calendar was clear and  I clearly  had the eye of the tiger. My horoscope said that something wonderous would happen this week and I knew what it was. I was hot, I was on the money Buy Generic Cialis and no [...]

Cooking Class at Brian Scott’s in Miller Place NY

For the past couple of weeks my buddy Marc and myself looked forward to Brian’s cooking demonstration. Marc went to the prestigious Johnson and Wales University but didn’t stay in that field so he really misses the conversations about food and cooking. Myself…food blogs, sites and passion. Love it. On Sept 15, we arrived at [...]

Brian Scott’s American Restaurant Miller Place NY. Me Likey Alot!

Guys, I need to tell you about Brian Scott’ American Restaurant in Miller Place. Now, this  review will be kind of hard for me because everything that I came up with at this place was   positive, and if you read my blog, you already know that I am quite opinionated and usually  find flaw with most [...]