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Thanksgiving 2008. Cliff’s Notes Version.

Thanksgiving. A time for family, reflection, giving thanks to God and thinking about all of those purple Van Heusen shirts and discount rack candles we are sure to get just a short month away. But really it is about the here and now. It’s so easy to bitch and moan about who done you wrong and woe is [...]

The Trifecta of Pizza that Sucks: Fratellis in Stony Brook, Fatso’s Pizza and Mama’s Pizza in Centereach.

The quest for pizza on Long Island is as dreary and depressing as the weather has been lately. Within the last 2 days I went to 3 pizzerias and here are the results. Fatso’s “Gourmet” Pizza in Centereach, NY. Typical strip mall pizzeria in a town full of nail salons, car part stores, tattoo parlors [...]

Tonights Dinner Inspired by A NEED FOR CHANGE

Well, today is Election night Tuesday Nov 4, 2008. Obama vs. McCain. Seeing that we really need a change I thought that it was appropriate that tonight’s dinner was creative, exciting, different and not full of shit, false promises, lies and pork fat…I mean..fresh and healthy.