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Sound Beach, N.Y. Pizzeria..Pizzeria..Deli…Deli..Oh..another Pizzeria…Chinese Food..No, that’s a Pizzeria…OH 2 NEW RESTAURANTS!!

The quiet blue-collar town of Sound Beach in Suffolk County, N.Y. isn’t really known for anything that shouts out. George Washington never slept here, there aren’t any celebs that call this place home, it’s out east but you won’t mistake it for The Hampton’s, but it is the home to two new restaurants. The Mesquite Texas [...]

God Bless America. Happy Independence Day.

232 Years of declaring independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. Freedom is pretty sweet. I didn’t really feel too much like about food today, infact I have been working since 6:30 A.M. and now it’s almost midnight. It’s not about hot dogs, hamburgers or potato salad. It’s not about the extra day off from [...]

Mail Order Steaks?

Hey, Has anyone ever ordered Gallagher’s steak online mail order? They are offering 6 different packages; one for example is called “West Side” Two 14oz USDA Prime Dry Aged “New York Strip” Steaks Bone-In and Two 22 oz. Prime Dry Aged Porterhouse Steaks. They look fabulous! Check out the packages on this link If [...]