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Holiday Leftovers Can Make a Great Dinner

The holidays mave have come and gone but the flavors are still alive and kicking in my kitchen. We recently received a beautiful gift basket from Harry and David that included some amazing pears. Well, you can only eat so many pears before they turn into pear poo so I decided to incorporate them into [...]

Pot Roast Like Mom Used to Make

As a child, our home was always filled the comforting smells of home cooking. Food that wasn’t rushed, frozen, hastily prepared or delivered by a pizza boy. Mom’s pot roast was usually prepared in a CrockPot from the 70′s that looked like it could bathe a small dog, but I guess things just looked bigger [...]

Happy New Year -Buon Anno

My God, another year has come and gone and there still so much good food and drink to be consumed. The thing I really hate about New Year’s Eve is the decision of where to eat. I mean, $125 for a shitty 3-course meal that normally would cost you $40? Gimme a break. Being in the mood for a [...]