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Creamy Cauliflower Soup. Simple, Rustic and Damn Good.

It’s that time of year again boys and girls. Pumpkin, squash, rustic root vegetables and a new favorite, cauliflower. Along Eastern Long Island’s corridor to the North Fork’s wine country you are sure to pass many farm stands. From old ladies with wheel barrels full of marigolds, to little shacks that look like lemonade stands [...]

Long Island Farmers Markets and Farm Stands. Another Reason to Love NY. Part 1.


Long island is known for many things. Beaches, nice “Lawng Eyelind” accents, Billy Joel, Blue Point Oysters, Montauk Point  and awesome farm stands. Once you pass exit 63 on the LIE in the summer, if you can handle the traffic, you can easily find farm stands. They are on the side of the road, hidden in the [...]

Port Jefferson Farmer’s Market Closes for the Season.

Every Sunday morning from June to last Sunday, November 7,  my trusty co pilot, relaxation therapist, food advisor and black lab extraordinaire, Benson and I, would look forward to going to the local farmer’s market in Port Jeff Village , until last Sunday.