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Oktoberfest on Long Island and My First Baking Contest.

The big day was Oct 24, 2010. The weather was slated be wonderful, the calendar was clear and  I clearly  had the eye of the tiger. My horoscope said that something wonderous would happen this week and I knew what it was. I was hot, I was on the money Buy Generic Cialis and no [...]

San Gennaro Festival NYC 2007-Kind of Sucked!

Once again, the San Gennaro Festival comes and goes as Autumn is ushered in along with the delicious fragrence of sausage and peppers. My annual pilgrimage to Mott and Canal in NYC’s Little Italy was sort of a bust this year. It was a mob scene, no pun intended, but I really didn’t see too many [...]

Johnny Cakes Says…”It’s NOT the quality it’s the quantity baby…Fagetaboutit!”

Here’s Long buy prescription drugs online without prescription Island’s favorite bouncer, Tom “Johnny Cakes” Basile, enjoying a little spaghetti and meatballs at one of Manhattan’s fine Italian eateries.