St Patty’s Corned Beef with Rustic Veggies and Port Jeff Brewing Company Pale Ale


Oh yeah, St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, and that can only mean one thing.
Getting drunk at 9 am??  No…….well, maybe..but it’s a “day for wearing of the green” and other kick-ass Irish traditions, like making Irish soda bread, watching the parade on tv,  listening to Irish music and ..ok, getting drunk early in the morning.

Many of you don’t know that St. Patrick was not even born in Ireland, in is said that he may have been,,,ugh..don’t shoot the messenger, I-Talian. Yup.
Waiter…extra whiskey in my coffee please.

Goldblum’s. New York’s Latest Celebrity Owned Hot spot.

Welcome to Goldblum’s.

New York’s latest celebrity dining hot spot owned and operated by Jeff Goldblum.

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Slow Cooker Winter Tomato Sauce.

pasta sauce

There’s nothing like it…nothing.

Coming home, opening your front door and before you say can a single word, you are hit with an amazing aroma. An aroma that can only penetrate the entire house from a slow cooker.

The smell that brings you back to childhood, the scent that unearths old memories of family gathered around the table and the aromas that make your mouth water.

There’s something about the Winter and the bone chilling weather that we, in NY, have had thus far this year.

It makes you want to slow down, it makes you want to hibernate, it makes you want to eat pasta and watch the Food Network all day long and it make’s me want to break out the Crock Pot and make comfort food all season long.