44,000 pounds of Miller High Life beer stolen from truck stop

In the past I’ve cried from spilling my entire beer on the bar…..I think if this happened to me I would have a stroke.

Check out this video. This poor man is stuck on Orlando because some asshole stole his beer truck. I’m not sure what is worse…having your new truck stolen that is loaded with 44,000 pound of beer or being stranded in Florida.

Watch this video…..and drink some beer.

Lombardi’s Restaurant. Classic Italian Food with Old World Charm.

Traffic was tight on the Long Island Expressway. I was stressed, angry and worst of all hungry.

I had a mission..and that mission was Italian food. Real, real good and real portions. I was going to Lombardi’s in Middle Island.

From the moment you follow the aroma permeating through the doors, you are immediately greeted by the cordial host and seated at a table with crisp, clean, white linen.

Before you can open you menu, wallah..warm bread is in front of you and water is being poured.

Sometimes I like to keep it simple and stick with the classics. Test the waters gently. On the 2nd swim I go hog wild.

This is how it all went down……..

Guy Fieri. Is He as Annoying to You as He is to Me?

Guy Fieri

Let me set the record straight. I love the Food Network just as much as anyone else.

No…correction. I friggin’ adore the Food Network. I have been a junkie for years, it’s just some of their programming peeves me a tad.

Let’s just jump to the chase. Guy Fieri.

Those two words can either get you bubbly like a fat school girl that just hopscotched over a Snicker’s bar or make you feel as if you are chewing on foil.

I don’t have anything personal him, I am not jealous of his success nor do I long to have his Joan Jett meets Courtney Love hairdo.

Let me share with you my, and the angst of millions of others.

Follow me….