A food Bloggers Heaven. Part 1.

I love

For so many reasons….

Being a foodie is fun but being a food blogger is even more fun.
You get to experiment, try cool new things, foods and restaurants and share the experience.

I’m obsessed with the latest trends in food cultures, tastes, restaurants as well as the technology that makes it possible to create a great blog.

Everything from the right camera, smartphone, laptop to lighting equipment for that great shot…

But most importantly, I’m obsessed with  food.

Thanksgiving Thoughts…

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to give thanks to and so many things come to mind.

1) God, my family, friends and followers.

2) My access to fresh farm stands, veggies, fruits, artisanal cheeses, local honey and local caught fish.

3) The 34 or so wineries on Long Island that pour some delicious treats.

4) My continuing education.

Read on kids….read on……

White Castle Holiday Stuffing

You may be thinking WTF?????

Now common,,, give it a chance…

Nah… forget it…this is nasty. read that right.

White Castle Holiday Stuffing.

I cannot think about anything that I want to stay farther away from for Thanksgiving than White Castle.

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than being thankful that your guests have more than 2 bathrooms.

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White Castle Slider Stuffing